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Saturday & Sunday Footwork Training

Open Footwork Sessions 9am

Competitive Travel Futsal


Finally, a place where your kids can be free and love the game of soccer/Futsal! Unlike some other forms of indoor, the Futsal game is played on a hard court surface delimited by lines; walls or boards are not used. Futsal is also played with a smaller ball with less bounce than a regular football due to the surface of the field. The surface, ball and rules create an emphasis on improvisation, creativity and technique as well as ball control and passing in small spaces. The evolution of the sport is amazing to some and maybe discouraging to others not familiar with the game. 

Our sessions are designed for footwork, 1 v 1 and 2 v 2 training and technical development. Ball control is key and learning it in a confined space will evolve the player to succeed to the next level.



A brand-new league for players of all ages to compete and play locally in Schaumburg, IL.  This exciting new league features 1st division, second division and girls.  (4) courts of exciting futsal action and has been a success like not other.  For more information about the league we compete in, visit

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